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About Us

Our mission at Advanced Integrative Wellness
To provide individualized, evidence-based care that will guide you on your journey to true healing and optimal health.

With our functional medicine approach, we provide traditional and integrative treatment options to prevent and manage health conditions, bringing healing and optimal health to those in Ohio and Kentucky.

Services in our comfortable Kenwood, Ohio, office include family medicine, hormone replacement, medical and cosmetic dermatology, specialty laboratory testing, IV therapies, detoxification, and craniosacral therapy.

Headshot of Jodi Westfall, Owner and Functional Nurse Practitioner at Advanced Integrative Wellness center in Cincinnati, OH
Jodi Westfall


Jodi Westfall is a Nurse Practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in healthcare. Her work is thorough and insightful, addressing prevention and treatment using traditional medicine and integrative therapies for individual optimal wellness.

While working in medical and cosmetic dermatology for ten years, Jodi saw the harmful effects of inflammation and autoimmune diseases on the skin. She decided to take her care to the next level and broaden her focus to include Integrative Medicine. Finding research and approaches not commonly used in Western medicine, she started Advanced Integrative Wellness and now provides complete care for the whole individual, focusing on the cause of disease, prevention, treatment, and optimal health.

April Kastner

April Kastner is a Nurse Practitioner with a variety of healthcare experience that, ultimately, brought her to the field of functional medicine. After 20 years of hospital medicine in Columbus, she moved with her husband and son to Cincinnati in 2017 when her father-in-law became ill. Here, she joined the University of Cincinnati Neurocritical Care Unit to finish off her years in academics.

While she truly loved her experience in academics, April noticed that many of the diseases she saw could, sadly, have been prevented. She decided to change her focus to root cause, preventative medicine and became certified in functional medicine, thyroid medicine, women’s health and hormone replacement, men’s health and testosterone replacement, functional vitamins, supplements, and nutrition.

April is currently finishing up her integrative medicine certification through the University of Cincinnati. She is driven to continue her education, staying on the forefront of evidence-based medicine in order to truly help others live their best quality of life.

Shauna Elbisser, staff and Registered Nurse, at Advanced Integrative Wellness
Shauna Elbisser

Shauna is a mother of four, nature lover, kindness curator, and nurse. In her spare time, she’s tending chicken(s) and four-legged family members (a dog and two cats!). She also enjoys gardening and cooking/baking health-conscious meals and treats for her kiddos between workouts, yoga, and meditation.

As a nurse, Shauna has experience in solid organ transplants, medical/surgery and progressive care as a float pool and travel nurse, integrative pain management and wellness, diet and lifestyle modification coaching, Reiki (energy healing), and more. Helping others understand and reclaim a healthier quality of life is her passion.  She loves learning and passing on knowledge and experiences. She is eager to continue her education and become a Functional Nurse Practitioner.

Julie Kippins, staff and Craniosacral Massage Therapist at Advanced Integrative Wellness
Julie Kippins

Julie has been working in the mind/body arena for about 25 years, following a career in  the business world. She is certified as a Craniosacral Therapist and studied at the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Clinical Practice. In Cincinnati, she has worked for the Alliance for Integrative Medicine, teaching mindfulness and stress management for individuals and businesses. 

Julie is also a certified yoga instructor (RYT 500) and has trained in energy work and biofeedback. She has four children and four grandchildren. Julie loves to paint and lives with her husband and doggie.

Mary Brooks, staff and Office Manger at Advanced Integrative Wellness
Mary Brooks

Mary is mother of three grown sons and was extensively involved in their athletics for years. One of her sons currently plays college baseball! Mary’s background is in business and sales, from purchasing for large corporate retailers to working in smaller creative marketing. She applies her customer service and organization skills to the practice, with a natural nurturing and lifelong interest in health and wellness.

Jocelyn Walborn, staff and Administrative Assistant at Advanced Integrative Wellness
Jocelyn Walborn

Jocelyn has a background in the biological sciences with a bachelor’s degree in ecology and conservation biology, but has a passion for patient interaction and care. After spending multiple years volunteering abroad, she developed a diverse background in many fields such as organic farming and ecological construction.

Her latest venture is going back to school to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and then moving forward into healthcare and getting her Functional Nurse Practitioner license. She has a vision of specializing in Women’s Health, and you can expect to see her joining the team as a practitioner at AIW in the near future.

Margie Fronduti, staff and Research Assistant and Intern at Advanced Integrative Wellness
Margie Fronduti

Margie Fronduti is a third-year biology major at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She supports the practice by finding, reviewing, and summarizing medical and scientific research. She is passionate about health and wellness, and is interested in athletics, cooking new recipes, travel, and environmental biology. She is excited to be helping out the team at AIW! 

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